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I make your college search and selection process simple by helping you understand where to start and why. I personalize and direct my services toward helping student-athletes as they consider their next steps.

All-In-One Partner

If there’s something I can’t do for you, I know someone who can. My connections from years of experience are now yours.

Communication & Self Marketing

I teach and consult with the student-athlete on how to communicate with college coaches. Self marketing is key in finding opportunity.

Mentoring Services

I’m here every step of the way to support student-athletes and their families as we navigate the college recruiting process.


If you don’t already have a plan in place or are late in the process of finding the best academic/athletic fit for your child, all the more reason to consult with Gary to help set a course for success.

Chris and Camille Settle – Parents of Seattle United ECNL U18/19 player


Working with Gary was great. He was highly organized and really focused on getting my son on track… My son is very happy with the recruitment process and is thrilled to be playing college baseball at his top choice.

Sherilyn Smith


Gary helped both of my daughters with their college search. He worked personally to help them find the right school fit, connected them with test prep and essay help, and made himself available for any help they needed. We, as a family, couldn’t have reached these outcomes without Gary!

Angela Birney


He [Gary] tailors his help to each student’s personality, skill sets, and college preferences. From a supportive reassuring pep talk to a perfectionist, to a firm push to get things done early for a procrastinator, he finds the right way to help each individual student.

Michelle Bethune

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