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Frequently ASked Questions
How did COVID-19 change the college selection and recruiting processes?

The pandemic changed so much and is continuing to affect these processes today. Let’s chat about those new developments.

How do we start the process to play sports in college?

The process should begin the same as it would without sports: you need to discuss, as a family, what are you willing to pay per year for college?

What are the differences in the levels of play?

The first difference is the off-season time commitment you make to participate with your team. Many athletes choose to play D3 sports because the timing of off-season training is at the convenience of the student-athlete. D1, D2, and NAIA sports can offer athletic money and have a very structured off-season training schedule. However, the level of play on the field is not as varied as you might think.

What essential part of the recruiting process do people need to know about?

That this process is all about Self-Marketing. College coaches want to recruit players who pursue them and want to be at their school.

How important are grades and test scores?

Grades are an essential part of every college search. At private schools that offer academic money, this could make or break you being able to afford the college of your choice. Keep in mind that academic scholarship money can be combined with athletic scholarship money.

How important is video?

Since COVID-19 has changed our world, video is now the single most crucial tool you have. Coaches prefer to start with a 3-4 minute video to evaluate you quickly. Depending on your sport, I can help with more specific details with what your video should include.

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