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I make your college search and selection process simple by helping you understand where to start and how. I personalize and direct my services toward helping student-athletes and academic-only students as they consider their next steps.

All-In-One Partner

If there’s something I can’t do for you, I know someone who can. My connections from years of experience are now yours.

Communication & Self Marketing

I teach and consult with the student-athlete on how to communicate with college coaches. Self marketing is key in finding opportunity.

Mentoring Services

I support all my clients and their families every step of the way as we navigate the college selection and recruiting processes.


We appreciated Gary’s approach. He is educated on the recruitment process. He is knowledgeable about the college programs, and he listens to the student-athlete and their goals. He is experienced, accessible and was integral in determining the right fit for our daughter.

Amy and Brett Carolan
Seattle United Parents of a 2023 Graduate


Gary has been an invaluable resource for and advocate for both my son and daughter, who found the perfect college soccer programs for them. Beyond his deep relationships with college coaches and his understanding of the process, he did a great job of understanding each athlete’s own unique needs, wants, and challenges. He cares about the families he works with and does everything he can to get them the right results.

Seattle United Parent of 2022 & 2023 Graduates


We were hesitant to hire Gary, so we talked to some of his clients, and he came highly recommended, so we decided to move forward with Gary. What a difference it made. With his knowledge, time, and encouragement, Gary was able to help our daughter successfully navigate the maze that is college recruiting. Gary was so generous with his time and not afraid to push when needed. Our daughter also responded very well to the easy communication style that Gary has.

Thanks so much, our daughter looks forward to the college/soccer experience.

Seattle United Parent of a 2023 Graduate


After taking advantage of the free time that Seattle United offers of Gary’s time, we decided to hire him to assist with all aspects of our son’s college search. Gary’s game plan of starting with the right college fit was perfect for our family. Being in the public school system, we needed guidance in all aspects of the college search process. Gary has the expertise and resources for everything from essays, applications, test prep, and college soccer.

We highly recommend hiring Gary

Seattle United Parents of a 2023 Graduate

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